Tree of Life on Jerusalem stone silver necklace pendant

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Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is one of the most familiar of the
Sacred Geometry Symbols. is found in many cultures and traditions in the world.

This is also Kabbalah symbol, the flow of creation from the Divine to Earth and back to the Divine.

The Tree of Life is used as a Symbol for unity and love.
( It is used in all religions ).

The tree of life also represents 5 elements,Air Water,Fire,and Earth.

The tree of life is a symbol the healing of the soul.Creation force.

Stone size:
M- Model HPS-B (16mm) / (0.63Inch)
L- Model HPS-D (19mm) / (0.74Inch)
XL- Model HPS-E (22mm) / (0.86Inch)
Recommended size :HPS-B (M) 
Stone: Natural Jerusalem stone 
Silversmith's work: Handmade
Material: Silver 925
Type: Pendant
*Each pendant comes with 2 chain a silver 925 chain necklace (45cm) and a Leather necklace with metal clasp and gift box . 
** The letters and Symbols are carved in the stone
*** Stone is all Handmade Cutting and polishing there is a small change between the different pics of jewelry