Jerusalem stone

First time I thought about it, was on my way to Jerusalem.

As i approached the old city, a strange and magical feeling of something special , great and holly started  to surround me.

Coming to Jerusalem, it's not like coming to any other place in the world.

Jerusalem is called: "the center of the universe" or simply "the heart".

Jerusalem is above religious, and she unites all people, with no discrimination of color, religious or race….that is her beauty and true nature!

I decided to make sure that this glorious feeling of Jerusalem, will find its way to all - those who are far away or unable to come and touch Jerusalem in person.

Having years of experience with gem stones, I decided to convert the Jerusalem stone into one of them.

During several years, as I go with that project (feeling like an old alchemy) I finally succeeded in finding the formula that make it possible for me to work, shape and design the Jerusalem stone into a jewelry.

This make the stone almost unbreakable, sustaining against color or other chemicals but still keeps it authentic in all means.

I am more than excited to present to you "The Jerusalem - stone".

Let Jerusalem be a part of you –   keep Jerusalem close to your heart!