Cure blessing on Jerusalem stone silver necklace pendant

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This is a silver pendant, curved with the "אל נא רפא נא לה" cure blessing pray

In this pray Moses ask god to mercy and cure his sister Miriam while she was in agony of leprosy.
The verse אל נא רפא נא לה symbols and exemplify the great power of pray. when a Jewish person is sick and in a great time of need he appeals to god and pray "EL NA RAPHE NA LA ” ( אל נא רפא נא לה ) for mercy and cure as did Moses.

במדבר יב-יג -(Numbers 13:14)

Stone size:
M- Model HPS-B (16mm) / (0.63Inch)
L- Model HPS-D (19mm) / (0.74Inch)
XL- Model HPS-E (22mm) / (0.86Inch)
Recommended size :HPS-B (M) / HPS-D (L)
Stone: Natural Jerusalem stone 

Silversmith's work: Handmade
Material: Silver 925
Type: Pendant
*Each pendant comes with 2 chain a silver 925 chain necklace (45cm) and a Leather necklace with metal clasp and gift box . 
** The letters and Symbols are carved in the stone
*** Stone is all Handmade Cutting and polishing there is a small change between the different pics of jewelry