Zimes the Cat

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Hello everyone, my name is Margot Tamar Riemer and the cat behind this necklace is my cat, Zimes.

Zimes was a stray cat and before I adopted him he was a victim to animal cruelty and was used as a dog bait. The dog attack caused him to lose half of his lower jaw and that’s the reason why his tongue always sticks out. Zimes managed to conquer the hearts of millions through social media (Facebook and instagram) , has articles written about him from all around the world and made us fall in love with his cuteness.

Zimes helped me turn my life around for the better, and because of him I realized I want to go after my dream, which is saving animals with disabilities.

Nowadays, I own 5 handicats and my goal is to save more and more.

I myself am sick with cystic fibrosis, a chronic life threatening illness that made me unable to work. Hopefully , through this sale of necklaces, I could get enough money to help me, my cats and other cats .

From every purchase we will donate an amount of money to animal shelters.

After Zimes’s fans asked me to create Zimes merchandise, we have selected his favorite picture of all times and made these adorable necklaces just for you ❤️.


***Each pendant comes with 2 chain a silver 925 chain necklace 16"(45cm) , Leather like necklace with metal clasp and gift box .

Size: 20mm X 24mm (0.78 X 0.94 Inch)
thickness: 0.7mm / 0.03Inch
Material: Silver 925
Type: Pendant

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